Many people has underestimate their opinions. But sometimes, one piece of small ideas can change the world. The technology nowadays is so advance, but who have ever thought of those invention were all came from an concept at the beginning? Every invention are come from an idea, a concept, an opinion. Even small idea can change the world. One good example is Newton, if he haven't thought of why the apple is dropping on his head, then there is no physics we can talk about today. So don't think your idea is useless, perhaps you may change the world one day. Who knows?

As a result, many companies would love to hear the outside opinions, so that the top maker could brain storm new ideas for their future business development. But how could they gather these tiny but extremely important information?

Thanks to the advance internet technology. There is a tool called online surveys. So people can express their opinions on this online platform.

Those big companies will post their questionnaire on this platform, and they will give out some incentives for any who has qualified the target group and have successfully answered the question. The incentives includes cash, cheque and some rewards or gift cards.

Those big-brand companies will then use the data for analysis for their future business planning. They analysis the data in a very comprehensive way, this include the point of view from gender group, age group, interest group, etc. So, those big-brand will understand how this can affect their planning.

These tiny piece of information are important, understanding your customers need is the critical factor in running a business. Because customers are your income source. The better you serve them, the better ROI you will have.